That’s the way the Dipsy Doodle works, a new breath in an old dance!


Energetically and joyfully The Dipsy Doodles bring back in a fresh way authentic

jazz dances such as the lindy hop and charleston. The focus is not only on existing

routines, but they create their own choreographies as well. Improvisation is a key

element on and off stage. With their admirable acte de presence they bring the jazz entertainment from the 20’s to the 40’s back to life. Pure, atmospherical amusement!


The dancers are widely active in the international lindy hop scene. Amongst their pursuits they have: teaching, dj’ing, organizing, participating in international competitions and they are active members in the group Gentse Hoppers. You can see them at parties, festivals and even on television.


Experience them live!

Anja Debruyn | Leni Denorme

Guillaume Dragonetti | Els Houttequiet

Bàra Hřebačková | Simon Lagrange

& Sep Vermeersch


**  For shows they work best with two dancing couples on stage **