Nomad Swing, is a group of musicians who share a passion for music

from the twenties to the fifties.

Inspired by American and European swing music and the musicians from that period, they present a varied and colorful repertoire of dance numbers, both wildly popular and lesser known gems from the golden era of swing. Their jazz repertoire ranges from the innocent and light hearted jazz of the 1920’s, reminiscent of the music of Django Reinhardt, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Sidney Bechet, to name a few.


Founded by Seppe Van Tilborg (solo guitar) and Ine Smet (vocals), the group is now playing

with legendary Koen De Cauter and the versatile American musician Nik Phelps.


Nomad Swing has an extensive performing experience, playing many jazz clubs and festivals in Belgium and the Netherlands. They have toured to Berlin and Switzerland and shared the stage with world class musicians such as Tcha Limberger and Fapy Lafertin.

Ine Smet - vocals

Nik Phelps - trumpet, clarinet

Koen de Cauter - soprano sax, clarinet

Seppe Van Tilborg - sologuitar

Dajo De Cauter - double bass

Frederik Van den Berghe or Jan Van Steenbrugge - drums